The best gift we can give our young creatives in the sector is education, and what better way to educate than through first hand experience?

This year we teamed up with Studio 18 to set up the Young Creatives Programme, a mentor shadowing initiative of professionals already working in the sector.

10 different creatives embarked on shadowing work that they most relate to in collaboration with fellow artists and entities forming part of this year’s festival programme with the aim of shedding a new light on careers in the arts. Through this project, we aim to open doors in the arts for up and coming artists for years to come and judging from what we see, the arts have a bright future ahead.  

Benjamin Abela
Fab Fantasy Fables with Chucky

Working with Vikesh introduced me to a completely new facet of writing which I never thought I’d be interested in. The Young Creatives Programme is perfect for any artist looking to venture outside of their comfort zone.

Under the guidance of Vikesh Godhwani

Bradley Cachia
Studio 18 

The Programme has exposed me to various aspects of a production that I had never had the chance to experience so closely before. It has provided me with the knowledge to be able to contribute to a theatrical project from behind the scenes and therefore helped me better understand the full process of putting up a production.

Under the guidance of Jean-Marc Cafa’

Julia Camilleri
Studio 18

Through the Young Creatives Programme I was able to observe how a theatre piece may be adapted to an online audience. I was also invited to explore a new skill and given the opportunity to put it into practice in a professional setting. I found it incredibly beneficial to my development as a creative and I think others will to.

Under the guidance of Jean-Marc Cafa’

Mark Ciantar
Teatru Malta
Production Management

This experience provided me with crucial insight which I otherwise would not have been able to get. It was eye-opening to see how a production of such a scale adapts to current times with all the added logistics involved whilst not compromising the level of the performance. The practical experience gained was priceless.

Under the guidance of Nicole Blackman

Ella Coppini
Studio 18
Wardrobe and Set

Taking care of Wardrobe and Set has always been something I wanted to do. Experiencing this role during a pandemic was extremely challenging considering every choice had to be made online. Having said that, the end result was then incredibly satisfying.

Under the guidance of Jean-Marc Cafa’

Annalise Ebejer

It was a really interesting experience as I learned about what an accessibility officer does and the many, many responsibilities they have! My favourite part was watching the pieces come together with our suggestions about inclusivity placed forward.

Under the guidance of Paula Cassar

Gianluca Mifsud
Ninni Ninni
Improvisational Music

The young creatives programme has been a fun experience to explore new areas of theatre with talented mentors. A great opportunity to further our knowledge and increase our skill set as creatives.

Under the guidance of Anne-Marie Camillieri

Robyn Vella
Moveo Dance Company
Directing / Dramaturgy

Shadowing Moveo gave me the opportunity to experience dance and movement from a directorial point of view – an art form I’m not that familiar with. Observing Patsy and Diane work with the dancers with such precision and passion was so wonderful to see. It reminded me how communicative our bodies are, be it on stage or camera. It is something I tend to neglect when performing or working with others, but will remember in the future.

Under the guidance of Patsy Chetcuti

Brendon Thearle
Assistant to Director of Photography

Shadowing with Sam Chetcuti as director of photography throughout a majority of ŻiguŻajg’s lineup was both a privilege and a massive burst of knowledge for myself as both an aspiring actor and director in both the theatre and film/television scene. Having learnt the ins and outs of how meticulous and heavily detailed a film shoot has to be to get it just right is nothing but awe-inspiring and clearly shows how both Sam and ŻiguŻajg care about the quality of the festival’s lineup and I have no doubt that what I have learnt with Sam throughout this mentorship programme will not only benefit me as a creative but make me appreciate even more the level of dedication that everyone places into such a wonderful, colourful and joyful festival for the whole family.

Under the guidance of Sam Chetcuti

Denise Perini
Assistant Festival Coordinator

As someone who’s grown up watching the Festival, being given the chance to work so closely with the core team of ŻiguŻajg was an invaluable opportunity. Having at first-hand experienced all the meticulous planning that goes into the festival, from the coordinating to the filming, I have a newfound love for those management roles that hold every director, artist, and team member together. It was an absolute  honour to watch Marta and Andre work their magic on ŻiguŻajg’s 10th Anniversary.

Under the guidance of André Mangion and Marta Vella