19th – 28th of November

On Demand

After this show becomes available on November 19th 2021 you’ll have 9 days and 12 hours to start watching. Once you begin the show, you’ll have 24 hours to finish watching

Puppet and shadow Theatre

70 minutes

Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles


7 Euros

Young Yeh-Shen is off on a journey to find a magic fish, but not just any magic fish, a special magic fish, prescribed by a doctor to save her sick father! But by the time the young girl finds the fish, it is sadly too late for her father.

After this death, Yeh-Shen is forced to live with her greedy stepmother and stepsister. Yeh-Shen befriends the magic fish and together they manage to rescue the King when he is in distress! But as soon as her stepmother discovers this friendship she’s enraged and decides to kill the fish, making the young girl very sad.

Magically, even after dying, the magic fish manages to give Yeh-Shen a beautiful pair of shoes and a dress to be able to attend the King’s party – a very special party where the king is to choose his Queen! But will Yeh-Shen become his queen?

In collaboration with China Cultural Centre

Produced by China National Theater for Children