What are Sensory-Friendly Performances? 

Sensory-Friendly Performances are really about relaxing the house rules. For example, the typical convention would be remaining quiet and seated during performances. At a Sensory-Friendly Performance, you are welcome to take a break from the show, clap, dance, sing and interact as you please. Any form of expression will be tolerated during this performance. It is all about creating a supportive environment so all guests feel comfortable attending. 

Before the show, there will be a brief presentation from the actors, introducing themselves and explaining which character they will be acting out and introducing the character to the audience would help audience members.

Any guest requiring a break from the performance will have a chill-out space outside the performing venue.

Fab Fantasy Fables

Saturday 19th March 2022 11:00

Our favourite Drag Queen is back to share all her favourite stories…But this time she needs your help! Roll the dice on our giant board game to determine what happens next.

Hall of Frames

Saturday 21st May 2022 at 11:00

Two young strangers, Kate and Lily, find themselves at the start of an exciting journey when they encounter each other at a bus stop. These two teenagers are very different from one another; Kate is a quiet and shy person whilst Lily is energetic and outgoing.

PAst Events

Where Are You Toby?

In Where Are You Toby?, we accompany Nina as she searches for her lost dog. The story follows the journey of the mischievous pet as he travels through space, exploring different planets throughout our solar system.


Automaniacs is a thrilling movement piece devised by an oustanding cast of actors, dancers, circus performers and musicians with mixed abilities.

The Little Prince

Theatre Anon are back, returning to ŻiguŻajg with an enchanting interpretation of Antoine Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince.

L-Aħħar Siġra

Set in a semi-dystopian Malta where trees have become extinct, L-Aħħar Siġra follows the story of two unlikely friends, Jamie and Alda. Jamie is an 8-year old girl with a thirst for adventure, while Alda is a clueless carob tree in desperate need of some company.

Resource Packs

If you would like to enhance the experience for your students, our collaborating creatives work with professionals in the field to compile resource packs that you can use in class. Please click on the respective show and find the resource packs and videos towards the bottom of the page.