Scarab, The Dung Beetle

A collaborative storytelling and dance project that revolves around young Scarab, a smelly and curious dung beetle from Ireland.

Għidli Ħolma

A young boy is off to sleep only to find the most interesting dream waiting for him which explores the history of St James Cavalier.

Phora 10 XS

Moveo return with an interesting story to tell from a planet far far away…

Polly And Esther

An adventure to a Wardrobe World of colourful costumes and the teamwork that comes about with it.


A retelling of Rapunzel for the digital age.

The Magic Baton

An Opera for Young Audiences set in Malta’s historic national theatre.

The ŻiguŻajg Festival will return for its 11th edition between the 19th and 28th November 2021 and caters for ages 0-13+ years. The school’s programme is free of charge and tickets will be out in October. Educators are invited to attend a schools meeting for an exclusive preview of the festival programme. This year the school’s programme will be a digital programme. Please feel free to have a look at the shows we are offering. 


Please note that registrations are closed.

Resource Packs

If you would like to enhance the experience for your students, our collaborating creatives work with professionals in the field to compile resource packs that you can use in class. Please click on the respective show and find the resource packs and videos towards the bottom of the page. 


All our digital shows have subtitling in both Maltese and English.