Introduce your students to the arts and ensure an unforgettable experience at one of our various performances and workshops on offer for schools! From opportunities to develop their talents, to experiences that will stimulate creative skills and imagination, our Festival programme ensures a multitude of creative learning opportunities.

Festival Screenings Available to Schools

Follow Fruit with Fig

Follow Fruit with Fig is an interactive performance that brings together the visual and performing arts.
Ages 0-2

Ninni, Ninni

Ninni, Ninni is a multi-disciplinary project that amalgamates the world of jazz and animation.
Ages 2-4

Riley’s Manic Magic

Riley’s Manic Magic is an interactive story told through dance. Chock-full of slick moves, sorcery and mayhem.
Ages 5-7

Fab Fantasy Fables with Chucky

Get ready for a five-episode extravaganza with your favourite Drag Queen storyteller, Chucky!
Ages 8+

The Stage Door

The Stage Door is an online mentorship programme for children in the art of cabaret.
Ages 8+

Trouser Girl

Lukey’s music homework is stolen by a pair of mysterious creatures from another world.
Ages 8-12

Ineż (Kienet Perfetta)

Ineż is fourteen. Perfect Ineż is what everyone calls her. The ultimate label to aspire to. If you’re fourteen, anyway.
Ages 13+

Alice in Wonderless Land

Wonderland is not always what it seems.
Ages 14+