Especially curated experiences for ages 0-4

Attending a series of events with your child will offer them the chance to have a fuller experience of everything on offer!

Series are comprised of related shows – such as our multisensory series and toddlers screenings – all of which are more meaningful when seen together.

We offer a 10% discount when you book all tickets within a Series. Simply choose the dates and number of tickets you would like for each event!

Baby Bobby’s Climate Crawl Series (4 events)
Join Baby Bobby on his multisensory adventures in a magical room full of interesting creatures that magically come to life. Bobby will meet loads of characters and make lots of memories with his many friends. His rustling autumn adventures lead him to a quiet homely hall for some cold winter wander games with his friends, the audience. The flourishing flowers make spring simply sensational, paving the way for the summer smells of playful, sandy games and smashing splashes in the sea.

Toddlers Theatre Series (2 events)
The Toddler Theatre Series will treat our tiny tots to two fascinating pieces of devised theatre catered specifically for them. The enchanting shadow puppetry will most definitely mesmerise the audience as they embark on a special starry journey with ‘The Man on the Moon’, while ‘Frankie the Frog’ and his origami ribitting buddies will come to life in a stimulating theatre piece that will surely entice young ones and their guardians!

Sarah & Duck Series (6 screenings)
Toddlers together with their parents and carers can enjoy their first trip to the cinema with screenings aimed for preschool children. For the comfort of the little ones, lights are not turned off completely and volume is kept lower. Toddlers will love Messy the lovable scientist in Messy Goes To Okido and delight in watching the quacky flappy adventures of Sarah & Duck! Each screening lasts for approximately 35 minutes and is packed full of fun and learning.

Messy Goes to OKIDO Series (5 screenings)
When you need to know, go to OKIDO! Curious and unruly Messy with his best friends Zoe and Felix bring science to life through their adventures in the extraordinary world of OKIDO. The brave trio go on journeys of discovery and, with help from Zim, Zam and Zoom, find the answers to their big questions.