Combo Ticket

Make the most of ŻiguŻajg with a Combo ticket! Book all events within the Toddlers Performance Programme and receive 20% off! This includes all six events listed below.


Baby Bobby’s Climate Crawl Series (4 events): Join Baby Bobby on four multisensory adventures in a magical room full of interesting creatures that magically come to life. Bobby will meet loads of characters and make lots of memories with his many friends. His rustling autumn adventures lead him to a quiet homely hall for some cold winter wander games with his friends, the audience. The flourishing flowers make spring simply sensational, paving the way for the summer smells of playful, sandy games and smashing splashes in the sea.

The Man on the Moon (1 event): Charlie loved the stars and the moon. When she turned 8, Charlie moved in with her grandmother. Every night, before she went to bed, she looked out of her window, but the stars were no longer there. Now, she’s 10 years old, the moon on her ceiling has been long forgotten, and Charlie doesn’t wish upon the stars any more. One day, Charlie goes on an adventure and meets the man on the moon and floats among the stars! The Man on the Moon is a shadow puppet performance that takes your toddlers on an adventure to the stars and the moon!

Frankie the Frog (1 event): In the very deepest part of the forest, in the middle of Lilyland, there was the biggest and bluest lake. It was so blue that when the blue pixies flew near it, they became invisible. And on the bluest lake there were the greenest lily pad leaves and the pinkest water lilies that sat comfortably on them. Every morning, just as the sun comes up, you could hear a ribbity ribbity sound. Frogs! Frogs everywhere! But in the far corner of the lake, a tiny ribbeting frog feels useless and alone until a special mission entrusts him with a humongous responsibility in the name of the whole community.