ŻiguŻajg TODDLERS: Sarah & Duck Series

Toddlers / Film / Fun

Six x 60mins events

Cinema, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta

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Toddlers Sarah & Duck Series
Toddlers together with their parents and carers can enjoy their first trip to the cinema with screenings aimed for preschool children. For the comfort of the little ones, lights are not turned off completely and volume is kept lower. Toddlers will love Messy the lovable scientist in Messy Goes To Okido and delight in watching the quacky flappy adventures of Sarah & Duck! Each screening lasts for approximately 35 minutes and is packed full of fun and learning.

Intro to Sarah & Duck: Join Sarah & Duck as they find out why Sarah’s brand-new bouncy ball doesn’t bounce, take to the skies in a knitted hot air balloon and spend the night looking out for shooting stars! They also discover some unusual inhabitants in the Big Shop’s Plant Section and have a very tasty dream!

Musical Showcase: Join Sarah & Duck as they find some new musicians for their knitted instruments, make some music in the attic and visit the Music Shop to find out why Sarah’s tuba has started making strange noises! They also get a little distracted while playing a game of hide and seek and discover Bug and his friends enjoying their Bug Bop!

Rainbow and Tortoise: Join Sarah & Duck as they make a colourful new friend during breakfast, fly their kite on a windy day and create art from sweet wrappers! They also help Tortoise find his way through their house with a trail of fruit and reunite Rainbow with his niece!

Animal Visits: Join Sarah & Duck as they head to the zoo to meet the penguins, take a trip to the Library with Donkey and discover a new park! They also visit the Bubble Man at the Big Shop and take a surprising bus diversion while on the way to the zoo!

Pretty Collection: Join Sarah & Duck as they find some inspiration at the Art Gallery, have a holiday at the Duck Hotel and visit the fairground in the park! They also take part in the celebration of the colour pink and help Scarf Lady harvest her weeping woollen tree!

Summer Collection: Join Sarah & Duck as they play a game of tennis, discover a new tower in the park and help Scarf Lady sell her ‘knitted treats’ from her woollen van! They also find a new Lemon Café in the park and spend a day at the beach making sand animals!

Creative team: Karrot Entertainment
Photo credits: Karrot Entertainment