ŻiguŻajg HEROES: One in Rhythm Series
8-10 YEARS

Percussion / Rhythm / Interaction

Two x 45mins events

Studio A, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta

Series Ticket (no longer available)

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One in Rhythm Series
One in Rhythm is an opportunity for children and adults to engage in a percussion ensemble within a fun and interactive atmosphere. Rhythm is explored as a universal language that can instantaneously transform a group of people into one community, in spite of differences in abilities, age, gender or ethnicity. Participants will explore instruments and rhythms influenced by musical cultures from Africa and Brazil, both of which are well known for their strong rhythmic traditions.


Drum Circle Workshop: African rhythms will be explored mainly on djembes and some other auxiliary instruments. The session will unfold in a Drum Circle fashion, leading to the development of a series of rhythms and grooves as an ensemble. Creativity and improvisation will be encouraged.

Batucada Workshop: In this session the participants will explore the Batucada, an Afro-Brazilian percussive style which is traditionally performed by a large percussion ensemble in Brazilian Carnivals. The style is very similar to samba and is a very energetic showpiece. Throughout the session, various rhythms from this musical style will be explored and merged together to form a simple Batucada structure.

Creator and workshop leader: Luke Baldacchino
Photo credits: Elisa von Brockdorff