8-10 YEARS

Combo Ticket

Make the most of ŻiguŻajg with a Combo ticket! Book all events within the Heroes Programme and receive 20% off! This includes all six events listed below.


Storytelling Series (4 events): Join us to enjoy four stories of the past with a modern and magical twist. Beasts, magical creatures, spells, and unexpected adventures await in a special tent where time stands still. Will Sansuna manage to save this land from destruction? How will Butlettax fix the mess he made when he stole the book of magic plants? Can Katarin break the old curse that emerges from the well? And the sleeping lady? What on earth happens to her the day she finally wakes up? Discover more about Maltese heritage and culture through stories written especially for you!

One in Rhythm Series (2 events): One in Rhythm is an opportunity for children and adults to engage in a percussion ensemble within a fun and interactive atmosphere. Rhythm is explored as a universal language that can instantaneously transform a group of people into one community, in spite of differences in abilities, age, gender or ethnicity. In two sessions, participants will explore instruments and rhythms influenced by musical cultures from Africa and Brazil, both of which are well known for their strong rhythmic traditions.