Especially curated experiences for ages 5-7

Attending a series of events with your child will offer them the chance to have a fuller experience of these exciting shows!

Series are comprised of related shows – such as theatre and dance performances – all of which are more meaningful when seen together.

We offer a 10% discount when you book all tickets within a Series. Simply choose the dates and number of tickets you would like for each event!

Explorers Performance Series (2 events)
Ssslip and Spontaneous Spaces are two brand new shows especially created for 5-7 year olds! Ssslip is a performance for children and their guardians where physicality is the stimulus for a fascinating adventure. They will be immersed in this poetic exploration of stability and instability, driven by a desire to encourage play and risk in young audiences. In Spontaneous Spaces, everything and anything can become whatever you picture it to be! This dynamic dance performance gives each child the chance to narrate their own story and create new characters and settings – so that no performance is like any other before it!