ŻiguŻajg EXPLORERS: Performance Series

Dance / Interaction / Theatre

Two x 45mins – 60mins events

Studio A, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta

Series Ticket

Book both performance events in the Explorers Performance Series and receive a 10% discount!

Explorers Performance Series
Ssslip and Spontaneous Spaces are two brand new shows especially created for 5-7 year olds! Come and join in the fun with these interactive theatre performances!

Ssslip: Two ssslippery characters live in a very ssslippery world. Shlooooop! They just lost their balance! Plonk! They just missed a footing! But then they slide smoothly along the slick surfaces all right. Ssslip is a performance for children and their guardians where physicality is the stimulus for a fascinating adventure. They will be immersed in this poetic exploration of stability and instability, driven by a desire to encourage play and risk in young audiences. Ssslip is a spectacular theatrical experience combining the physical, the visual and the musical in a way that makes it impossible to Ssslip your mind so easily.

Spontaneous Spaces: A bouncy ball turns into a car wheel. A rope transforms into a snake. A luggage becomes a brick wall. In ‘Spontaneous Spaces’, everything and anything can become whatever you picture it to be! This dynamic dance performance gives each child the chance to narrate their own story and create new characters and settings – so that no performance is like any other before it! Through a great level of creativity and participation, and by using multiple random props and costumes, children are sure to be left with a unique and memorable performance!

Spontaneous Spaces
Moveo Dance Company
Concept and choreography: Patsy Chetcuti
Jacob Piccinino
Administrator: Żugraga Dance
Photo credits: Elisa von Brockdorff
This project is supported by Arts Council Malta – Creative Communities

Ruth Borg, Tom de Ronde
Artistic Advisor: Jimmy Grima
Light Design: Tiny Island Studio
Set Consultant: Adrian Mamo
Photo credits: Jianni Elsenhout
This project was commissioned by ŻiguŻajg International Arts Festival for Children and Young People.