ŻiguŻajg TODDLERS: Baby Bobby’s Climate Crawl Series

Play / Adventure / Senses

Four x 35mins events

Studio A, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta

Series Ticket (no longer available)

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Baby Bobby’s Climate Crawl Series
Join Baby Bobby on his multisensory adventures in a magical room full of interesting creatures that magically come to life. Bobby will meet loads of characters and make lots of memories with his many friends. His rustling autumn adventures lead him to a quiet homely hall for some cold winter wander games with his friends, the audience. The flourishing flowers make spring simply sensational, paving the way for the summer smells of playful, sandy games and smashing splashes in the sea.

Baby Bobby’s Autumn Adventures
In autumn the leaves go away from the trees,
And fill all the ground with their green.
Baby Bobby will go to the place where he knows,
All the leaves and the trees can be seen.

Baby Bobby’s Winter Wander
When everyone’s told that outside its cold,
Baby Bobby will crawl into this little hall,
And find many creatures that will be his friends,
Together they’ll play until the day ends.

Baby Bobby’s Sensational Spring
The flowers are bright and they capture the light,
Baby Bobby is curious to see.
So he goes to a place where they all have a face,
And that’s just where he wanted to be.

Baby Bobby’s Smells of Summer
The sun is shining up in the sky,
So Baby Bobby wants to have a try,
To splash in the water and play in the sand,
With his friends right there with, holding his hand.

Creator and directors: Antonella Mifsud and Steffie Weenink
Performers: Sean Borg, Lara Agius, Sean Briffa
Artistic Design/Visuals: Sean Briffa
Photo credits: Elisa von Brockdorff