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Kids Dig Science: Seeing the Stars

We don’t know about you, but looking up into the night sky and seeing the wonders of this galaxy through a telescope is truly an amazing experience. Have you ever wondered how the gadgets work?

Spontaneous Spaces

A dynamic dance performance gives each child the chance to narrate their own story and create new characters and settings – so that no performance is like any other before it!

Past Events


A spectacular theatrical experience combining the physical, the visual and the musical in a way that makes it impossible to Ssslip your mind so easily.

Kids Dig Science: Plant Life

At Kids Dig Science we are all true lovers of anything science and nature. Let’s learn all about plants and insects, so we can care for them and ensure that the next generation loves them as much as we do!

Kids Dig Science: Being a Scientist

I wonder, what comes to mind when you hear the word scientist? Give your kids the chance to be a scientist, by exploring, imagining, experimenting and creating at Kids Dig Science!

Kids Dig Science: Fractions

Last time, adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying helped one of our puppets lay his table for the dinner party he was hosting. One wonders, what will we cook up next to help conquer fractions?

Kids Dig Science: Flying

From thrust, lift, drag and weight to breaking the speed of sound, join us and our puppets in our flight of fancy as we venture into the world of physics.