ŻiguŻajg Festival 2021

Live Events

Where Are You Toby?

Age: 0-2 Years

In Where Are You Toby?, we accompany Nina as she searches for her lost dog. The story follows the journey of the mischievous pet as he travels through space, exploring different planets throughout our solar system.


Age: 5-7 years

Automaniacs is a thrilling movement piece devised by an oustanding cast of actors, dancers, circus performers and musicians with mixed abilities.

Past Continuous

Age: 7+ years

Have you ever wondered what your neighbourhood looked like a hundred years ago? What did your nanna and nannu look like when they were young?


Age: 8+ / Certification: PG

In a time of superstition and magic, a young apprentice hunter, Robyn Goodfellowe, journeys to Ireland with her father to wipe out the last wolf pack. While exploring the forbidden lands outside the city walls, Robyn befriends a free-spirited girl, Mebh, a member of a mysterious tribe rumored to have the ability to transform into wolves by night.

The Little Prince

Age: 8+ years

Theatre Anon are back, returning to ŻiguŻajg with an enchanting interpretation of Antoine Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince.

L-Aħħar Siġra

Age: 8-10 years

Set in a semi-dystopian Malta where trees have become extinct, L-Aħħar Siġra follows the story of two unlikely friends, Jamie and Alda. Jamie is an 8-year old girl with a thirst for adventure, while Alda is a clueless carob tree in desperate need of some company.


AGE: 12+ years

It’s 2044, 20 years since the formation of New Leaf, a society that radiates joy and is perennially positive.

About Us

ŻiguŻajg International Arts Festival for Children & Young People is the only festival in Malta specifically aimed at children & young people, presenting an enticing programme of international productions and new commissioned work, annually.


Sensory-friendly performances are designed to create a welcoming and comfortable arts experience for people with specific sensory needs. Modifcations include: Lower sound level, especially for startling or loud sounds. Lights remain on at a low level in the theater during the performance.

Online Events

Polly And Esther

Age: 2-4 years

An adventure to a Wardrobe World of colourful costumes and the teamwork that comes about with it.           


Age: 3+ Years

Young Yeh-Shen is off on a journey to find a magic fish, but not just any magic fish, a special magic fish, prescribed by a doctor to save her sick father!

Scarab, The Dung Beetle

Age: 4-6 Years

A collaborative storytelling and dance project that revolves around young Scarab, a smelly and curious dung beetle from Ireland.

Għidli Ħolma

Age: 5+ Years

A young boy is off to sleep only to find the most interesting dream waiting for him which explores the history of St James Cavalier.    

The Magic Baton

Age: 5-7 Years

An Opera for Young Audiences set in Malta’s historic national theatre.

Phora 10 XS

Age: 6+ years

Imagine a world so very far away, in a galaxy beyond the brightest stars. There lies a world called Phora10x, where creatures are as familiar as they are not.


Age: 8+ years

A retelling of Rapunzel for the digital age.