ŻiguŻajg Festival 2019
15 – 24 November

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The 9th edition of ŻiguŻajg Festival returns with a fantastic line up! From a brand new promenade music theatre show, to a daring contemporary circus act, award-winning films, an opera with loads of humour, a readaptation of an iconic literature classic, and a number of outdoor happenings.

When selecting events, please refer to the age guidelines recommended by the Festival team and based on the respective show’s themes and content. Some shows may not be suitable for all age groups.

All Ages


Performers use powerful physicality and daring feats to move through an intriguing forest of tall poles.

Ages 0-4


Explore an ethereal sphere, drift among luminous objects, and surrender to the curious sensations around you!

The Man on the Moon

The Man on the Moon is a shadow puppet performance that takes your toddlers on an adventure to the stars and the moon!


Woodpecker is a sculptural, interactive and musical installation encouraging interaction and play.


HOME is a visual theatre piece about belonging and feeling at home – in the world and within yourself.

The Little Bath

A dancer sculpts bubble bath to create fragile masses, landscapes and ephemeral characters.


Glimpse transports you to an enchanted dream world in which sounds and images play an exciting game with one another.

Ages 5-7


Ssslip is an unforgettable theatrical experience to encourage play and risk in young audiences.

Tingo: The Tuneless Bird

Join three music-making birds in their attempt to discover the truth about where Tingo The Tuneless Bird really came from,


Dare to dream; plunge head first into the present, trust everything to chance, everything, every single thing!

Jacob Mimmi and the Talking Dogs

Will Jacob, his know-it-all cousin and a pack of talking dogs save their neighbourhood from unwelcome change?

Suites Curieuses

Three men and one woman mischievously embody the famous characters from Little Red Riding Hood.

Normalmente o Viceversa

This is a beautiful story in a tiny, tiny space, of everyday objects that come to life.

Robin Hood u Marian

Is the story of Marian Robin Hood real? Join us and the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, on a musical, theatrical journey.

Ages 8-10

Get Loose

Welcome to Get Loose – an energy-packed celebration of life, uniqueness and diversity.

The Impresario

A short comedy of silly characters, in English with music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Ħożż il-Ħsejjes

A multi-disciplinary project which takes inspiration from the relationship between clay and wheat.

Wonder Waters

Join artist Alessio de Girolamo to create a huge temporary artwork, calling out to the world about the value of water!


A superhero in the making, JamBoy can see what is invisible to others. Can he save his school?

Ages 11+

Fight Girl

When her parents end up in an acrimonious divorce, twelve year old Bo discovers a natural talent for kickboxing!

Larinġa Mekkanika

This is in-your-face theatre for teens, laced with juvenile delinquency and youth gangs,