Baby Bobby’s Smells of Summer

Baby Bobby’s Smells of Summer

0-4 years

Friday 25th June 2021 6pm
Saturday 26th June 2021 4pm
Saturday 26th June 2021 6pm

Sunday 27th June 10am
Sunday 27th June 4pm

Play / Adventure / Senses

35 Minutes


studio a

The sun is shining up in the sky,
So Baby Bobby wants to have a try,
To splash in the water and play in the sand,
With his friends right there with, holding his hand

Producer/Director: Steffie Weenink
Performers: Nicky Gambin, Lara Agius & Sean Briffa
Artistic Design/Visuals: Sean Briffa

Ix-xemx qed tiddi fis-sema.
Baby Bobby jrid jipprova jċafċaf fl-ilma
u jilgħab fir-ramel id f’id mal-ħbieb tiegħu