Fair with Air at schools

All ages

Fair with Air Environment & Resources Authority Visual Arts for Environmental Awareness / Main Staircase, Spazju Kreattiv Duration 45 mins

Of Fairy Tales And You


Of Fairy Tales And You Storytelling / Castille Vaults Duration 60 mins Language English

All Ages


The Misadventures of Peer Gynt

8+ years

The Misadventures of Peer Gynt Malta Philharmonic Orchestra with Malta Youth Orchestra Symphonic Music, Theatre, Visual art / English / Teatru Manoel Duration 60 mins Credits: 


11+ years

Play|Ground ŻfinMalta Dance Ensemble Dance/ Non-verbal/ Valletta Campus Theatre Duration 50 mins Credits: 

The Song Of The Sea


The Song Of The Sea Film / English / Cinema, st James cavalier Duration 90 mins


Ages 5+

Il-Babaw Puppetry / Non-Verbal / Studio B, St. James Cavalier Duration 45 mins

Inżigużajgu ma’ Kelma Kelma Nota Nota

Ages: 10+

Inżigużajgu ma’  Kelma Kelma Nota Nota Music & Theatre / Maltese / Catholic Institute, Floriana Duration 60 mins

Festival 2017

   In 2017 ŻiguŻajg commissioned the following shows: